Ways to Make Your Tanner Last Longer

Part 2 of my Self Tanner series! It’s frustrating to get through the work of applying or getting a fake tan just for it to wash/ come off quickly. These are some tips and products I’ve come across that have helped me make my tanner last longer!

1. Exfoliate BEFORE you apply the tan

Skin layers


When you do not exfoliate before putting on a self tanner all you’re doing is putting the color on top of dead skin that is going to come off quickly. I have found the all time BEST exfoliator! It works and it really gets rid of all your dead skin. I will be doing a review/telling y’all about it in a new post very soon and I will link it here!

2. Use a moisturizing, soap free body wash

Nivea Body Wash

Nivea Sensitive Body Wash

By using a moisturizing body wash instead of sudsy oil stripping wash in the shower your tan will stay longer. Because once you have applied your tan it is important to protect the color on your skin.I like to use body washes that are gentler and clean you with out washing away the color.

Haha, and yes, I use MAN body wash! It is by far my favorite, it smells amazing and clean, but it’s not “manly” in any way and my skin feels soft and smooth after every use!

3. Apply lotion everyday

Aveeno Lotion

Aveeno Naturals Moisturizing Lotion

If you apply a lotion everyday it helps keep the color on your skin longer. It keeps the top layer of skin from sloughing off too soon, exposing non-tan skin. The lotion will also keep your tan from coming off unevenly leaving you with that weird patchy look.

4. Also BONUS tip: Why not try using a gradual tanning lotion to stretch your tan even more!? I recommend this Malibu Tan one.


  1. migdalia Maldonado says:

    I’m going to try the tanning mouse cuz I’ve try others but not the mouse and do as I read here on making the tan last with the body washes and lotions

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