Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Yesterday I did a DIY Mother’s Day Post, and so today I wanted to do a post for gifts you can purchase that your Southern Momma will love!

1. Floral Apron

Floral Apron

Floral Apron

I know my mom loves to cook good southern comfort food and it can get messy! This is a super cute apron is both flattering and functional!

2. Magnolia Blossom Candle

Magnolia Candle

Magnolia Candle

A perfect Southern flower is the Magnolia. They smell wonderful and this candle has so much charm!

3. Monogram Necklace

Monogram Necklace

Monogram Necklace Gold
Monogram Necklace Silver

Choose which ever color they prefer: Gold or Silver and your Mom is sure to love this necklace! It’s personal and lovely.

4. Gift Basket

Gone With The Wind Gift Basket


I got this idea from my Mom. She knows how to give a gift, she loves to make gift baskets because it makes gifts more special. This is a great example of a Gone With The Wind Gift Basket. It has the special edition of Gone With The Wind Movie, the novel, and some collectors plates.

So make your own for your mom and what she likes! Some basket ideas: Sprinkler Can with gardening items inside, Popcorn Bowl with movies, Large measuring cup with baking supplies, etc.

5. Magazine Subscription

Southern Magazines

Southern Living    Southern Lady

My Mom loves reading magazines. So why not give your mom a subscription gift to her for her favorite magazine that you know she buys every time she’s at the grocery store!

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