Mother’s Day DIY

Sunday, May 12 is Mother’s Day and it’s coming up fast! If you’re like me getting a present for my mom is such a hard task! She’s the women with everything! She already seems to have all the kitchen equipment she could ever want, and she already knows what she likes and what she doesn’t! So I’ve decided to highlight a few projects that I thought will mean something nice to your mom! Mom’s love gifts with that added special touch and thoughtfulness that comes from any home made gift.

I will also post Part 2 of this Mother’s Day series on gift ideas tomorrow and link it.

1. “Brag Book”

Brag Book 1


My older sister made this gift for my mom a few years ago and my mom still loves it. She has it on her coffee table in the living room of her house. It lets her show off her family to her guests. That’s why it’s so aptly called a “brag book.”

So I found two versions of this gift. One is completely hand made/put together by you, the other is one you can make online and have printed for you.

Brag Book 2


2. “Mom Mug” Sharpie DIY

Mom Mug

Sharpie Mug

This Sharpie Mug would be great for any mom. My mom loves her herb tea so she would get to use her mug daily!

3. “Lucite Tray”

Lucite Tray


My mom has lots of dishes with jewelry and odds-n-ends in her room. A cute and customized Lucite tray would be perfect for her!

4. Monogram Letters

Monogrammed Letters

DIYLettersPart1      DIYLettersPart2

What Southern Momma doesn’t love a good monogrammed gift? And who can beat a monogram with a Lilly Pulitzer inspired pattern?! I got my mom her full monogrammed initials awhile ago, and she loved it. But I bet she would have loved it if they had, had a darling Lilly pattern painted on them!

Check back tomorrow for Part two!

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