How to NOT burn your hair off

(Photo via YouTube)

So a lot of people have probably seen this sad, yet hilarious video of this girl burning off her hair.

The first time I watched it I cringed as she gave instructions. There are several things that she should have done differently.

1. Day-old hair is best for holding curls. Or freshly washed hair can be curled but make sure it is COMPLETELY dry first or it can lead to hair damage.
2. Instead of split end spray how about heat protector? Heat protector will protect your hair and help your hair from getting damaged from the high heat.
3. Um 20 seconds, really? When you curl your hair you don’t want to fry it into submission. You’re just trying to get it to “set” and hold a curl.
4. Not too high of heat! Your curling iron may be able to go up to 410, but that doesn’t mean you should use it that hot. Also, if you’re curling your hair and seeing steam that means you are practically burning your hair, be careful!
5. Know your hair type! The girl in the video has thin hair, which means it can break very easily and will not need the same amount of time in the curler. Girls with course hair might actually need to use a higher level of heat to get their hair to curl. If you know your hair, you can know what it will need.

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