How to Make Your Makeup Last ALL Day

I hate when it’s halfway through the day and you look in a mirror and literally all of your makeup has disappeared! Mostly everyone knows about primers, but something I just recently learned about is makeup setting sprays. They’re amazing!

All you do is spray it after you apply your makeup and you’re good to go for the day! You apply it by closing your eyes, then either spraying an “X” or “T” pattern over your face and letting it dry for a few seconds and then viola your done! It’s SO easy and SO fast!

It’s also great for adding a little “life” to your makeup. If you ever feel like you’ve applied too much powder and have too much of a matte finish just spray this on and your makeup will look more like your actual skin. I’ve found two that are great:

1. Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish Spray

Bridal Finish Spray


This finishing spray is $23.50 for 4 oz. Skindinavia has a lot of other types of setting sprays, but I think the bridal one is the best. The Bridal one does everything, but all in one package! Also, I’ve heard that Urban Decay’s setting sprays are also made by Skindinavia, so they probably rock too!

2. Ben Nye Final Seal Spray

Ben Nye Final Seal


A whole jug of this (16 oz) is about the same price as the Skindinavia spray(4 oz). You can pick this up at Sally’s Beauty Supply. You can also get smaller bottles that are kinder on your wallet (1 oz $5, 2 oz $7)! I love that you can get such a large amount that can last a long time! Also you can either spritz it on or you can apply it with a sponge all over your face.

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    • Deirdre says:

      Thanks for sharing another option! I looked at it and noticed however that it is only 2 oz for $18 vs 4 oz for $23.50. So if anyone is budget conscious just take that into consideration. :)

  1. Bobbie says:

    For us cheap people Rave extra hold hair spray (arosole) works just as good as these expensive products.. It will not leave your face sticky as many people thing.. It is great for those people who love to wear crazy/fun eye shadows colors and prevents them from smudging.

    • hannah says:

      I used hairspray for years and my siter-in-law found out about a month ago! The first thing she said was that makes your face break out! So I stopped using hairspray and got a setting spray! Within a few days my face had cleared up drastically!

  2. Makeupguru4u says:

    Model in a Bottle is a great setting spray too! My skin is crazy oily, so disappearing makeup is something I have to fight every single day. I’ve tried the Urban Decay & Skindinavia, but they didn’t seem to work as well as the Ben Nye & Model in a Bottle brands. Those two are my faves – my makeup dissolves within 2 hours if I don’t use a setting spray.

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