How to Grow Your Nails Out

I recently got engaged to the love of my life! I knew beforehand that he would be proposing so I finally buckled down and figured out how to grow out my nails! I knew once I had a ring on, everyone would end up seeing my nails. My nails were not awful, but they were just SO hard to grow out! They would chip and peel once they actually started to get long. So I decided to conquer my nails once and for all! These are the things that worked for me:

1. Start with a clean cut nail. I cut all of my nails to the same length with a nail cutter. This way my nails have a good clean edge. If your nails have been ripped or have split, the edges are ragged and are more likely to continue ripping and splitting.

2. Be sure to use a nail file. DO NOT be tempted to pull off a ragged piece of your nail! Instead always file down the part that is causing the problem. My favorite nail file is the Ruby Stone Crystal Nail File. It’s the file that my Mom, my sisters and I all use!

Ruby File


3. Filing your nail correctly is the secret and most important part for growing your nails! Do not zigzag file your nails! This just rips at them and can cause damage that will lead to your nails ripping and splitting later. Instead always file in one direction. Then when you’re finished filing the spot, to smooth and close the nail edge, file the nail completely perpendicular to the nail. Remember: always in one direction!



4. For me it always helps to have some sort of nail polish on even if it’s just a clear coat. It helps seal everything and keeps me from picking at my nails.

5. A little nail strengthener is amazing! OPI Nail Envy

OPI Nail Envy


6. Everyday I apply nail cuticle creme. I also apply it after I wash my hands, because you want to prevent your nails from getting very dry. If they get too dry they easily become brittle and will break.

Burt's Bees Cuticule Cream


7. Finally, I noticed a significant difference when I started drinking Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials. I’m not sure if it was the milk or the vitamins, but I noticed that my nails felt stronger and seemed to grow faster. This worked for me, but I am not a doctor so it might not work for everyone.

Breakfast drink


So good luck y’all! Hopefully these tips and products help you grow the long nails you’ve always wanted!

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  1. Erin says:

    Hi! I love your tips and I am definitely going to try it. My nails break so easily it is sad. My only question for you is where can I purchase the OPI Nail Envy? I have tried looking for the OPI nail polishes before and I can not find them! The only place I have seen the brand is at salons but they are so expensive… I’m hoping to find somewhere cheaper.
    ~ Erin

    • Deirdre says:

      I’m glad you find the tips helpful! I totally understand OPI polishes can be SO expensive! The link under the picture is for Amazon where it’s only $9.90! It’s the best price I could find! Hopefully that’s a more reasonable price and I believe it comes with free shipping :)

    • Toni says:

      I agree OPI Nail Envy is the best, and you can get it at Sallys Beauty Supplys or Amazon dot com. Also another good treatment to use is Green Tea strengthener by Nutra Nail, and you can get that at any pharmacy like Walgreens or Wal Mart. Look up some vids on youtube, there is luvmynails, and the queen eileen are a good couple of posting about nail care too.

    • Joanna says:

      Hi Erin,

      I’m also going to try growing out my nails as well. How did it work for you? Also I found the OPI Nail Envy you have been looking for. They is some on eBay if you are still looking for some.

    • Glenda mcglasson says:

      You can also use nail techquicle I have spelled it wrong but you can pick it up at Sally beauty supply as former nail tech it works wonders I use it myself a coat for seven days remove and start all over trust me you will be amazed and it very reasonable price

    • Deirdre says:

      It’s when some people file their nails with a back in forth, changing direction, movement. Instead of doing it in just one direction. Hopefully, that makes more sense :)

    • Deirdre says:

      Sorry, it’s hard to explain in writing! It means that instead of filing them from side to side, file them straight down at a 90 degree angle from the nail, like in the picture. Hopefully that helps! :)

  2. Lindsey says:

    I’ve found that taking one Biotin vitamin a day helps too. I buy OPI at my local JCPenneys salon. Also, most nail salons will sale you any of what extra they have. =)

  3. Melissa Olson says:

    For those clients who are trying to grow out their nails, I take the additional step of using a finer grit file on the free edge (#225 the higher the # the finer the grit) after filing for length, it gives a smoother edge which can help.

    Personally, i use prenatal vitamins but most drug stores sell a few different brands of supplements just for growing hair and nails.

    Keep in mind, also, that certain medications and medical conditions weaken hair and nails as a side effect.

  4. Brandi says:

    I take Biotin, it really helps strengthen your nails. You can get the Hair, Skin, & Nails vitamin from Meijer, my nails are amazing and my hair has gotten so strong and so much thicker now!

    • Ginger says:

      I’ve been taking Biotin for a year now & it’s not helping my nails nor my hair….my nail grow to a certain length, then break….my hair just will not thicken or grow much…

  5. Ashley says:

    I actually just stumbled on to your blog and I’m surprised to see I’m not the only one who does these things! I have pathetically weak nails, but now mine are pretty long and I do almost everything you do minus the carnation.
    Quick question, how do you get your nail tips so white?!

    • Deirdre says:

      Thanks! I’m glad it works for you too! For whitening your nails you can soak them in 1/2 cup of hot water in a bowl with 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of peroxide. Soak until water is cool. Feel free to repeat for extra whitening. It’s the same idea as using peroxide and baking soda to whiten teeth :) Good luck!

  6. Carol Brunet says:

    I would like to share with you how got my nails grow stronger and longer. I always chewed my nails until I started to eat kale (a type of cabbage) in french we call that (choux frisee) when we were in Florida last winter. Since then, I no longer chew my nails and they grow very very fast and they are very strong. I’m also a lot less tired and have more energy. I highly recommend eating kale to everyone. I make chips, I eat in my salads and whenever I make a sandwich instead of using a tortilla I use a leaf of kale to make my sandwich, I’ve also added kale to my soups. It is delicious and the taste grow on you.

  7. Farwa says:

    If you rub the wet part of a garlic clove cut in half vertically, on your nails daily they are sure to grow longer stronger and healthier. In addition to the nutritious value the garlic may have for your nail it also increases blood flow in your nails which in return increases growth. Also experts say that cutting your nails is not a healthy habit, you should file your nails instead. As much as we like to keep our nails manicured, the nails need some air ( literally). So do let them get a nail paint holiday as well.

  8. Heather says:

    If you consume a TBSP of coconut oil a day. Your nails grow very quickly and strong. My nails have never been so strong as they are today

  9. Cindy says:

    I have really long nail. My secret to having long nails is eating plenty of protein. Examples of protein spinach, bone broth, nuts, peas, eggs, meats and beans. I also take a a multi vitamin daily, biotin 1000mg twice daily and folic acid 800mg once per day. Keep a nail file with you at all times to fix small cuts in nails. Plus i put olive oil on my nails at night and wear moisturizing gloves at night.

  10. safa shahnawaz says:

    i just loved ur tips . they r very useful but i am having a question .
    i am actually was a nail bitter but i left that habbit 2 years ago but still my nails dont grow not even a inch

  11. Benn Bayubay says:

    Recently i purchased firmfemme Nail Cream from wonderful. My nails are normally prone to peeling and breaking; I brush a little underneath my nails every day to keep them healthy and strong. I keep nail polish on my nails 24/7, and this keeps nails healthy underneath.

  12. Natalie says:

    Do u put the coconut oil on your nails or eat the coconut oil with food. Like as a substitute for other oils. Also my nails peel and split at the tips. Every time I grow them a little bit they snag? Any advice?

  13. luz says:

    I love your tips, I always have problems with my nails they are very thin and weak, I tried everything I saw on t.v or blogs.
    The only product I see results is from Butter London, Horsepower nail fertilizer.
    I bought it on Amazon $20 trust me you will see amazing results.

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