How to Fake Long, Curly Lashes

Am I the only one who finds it SO frustrating when you meet guys and they have the thickest, longest eyelashes ever? Well, I have found someways to fake some awesome lashes so no need for envy anymore! And yes, falsies are great, but I do not have the time or patience to put them on all the time! So these are my tricks for everyday long, curly lashes!

1. Eyelash curlers PLUS a hairdryer!

Eyelash curler


All you’re doing when you curl your eyelashes normally is just slightly bending them for a while. Imagine if you tried curling your hair by just clamping your hair in a curling iron without any heat? Doesn’t make sense does it? Nope! So, what I do is blow dry my eyelash curler for about 10 seconds. Be sure to test the curler’s heat and make sure it’s not too hot before trying to curl your lashes!! Now when you curl your eyelashes they will actually be curled!

2. Curl your lashes with the right technique

Start with the eyelash curler as close to the roots of your eyelashes as possible and then clamp down and release. Curl the whole lashes by clamping and releasing as you go. Continue up the length of your lashes, by tilting the the curler up, the same direction as you want it to curl.

3. Using the right mascara

I have a few different types of mascara that I use for different occasions. If you plan on crying, swimming, or rubbing your eyes a lot waterproof is the way to go. Also, mascara is the equivalent to hairspray for when you curl your hair. It helps “set” your eyelashes curl. Also, I plan on doing a post about my favorite mascaras and I will link it here once I post it!

4. Using the mascara brush correctly

For mascara brushes that have a curved head, there is a specific way to use them to for best potential. They have a inner curved side and then the outward side of the curve. The outward side of the curve helps apply mascara evenly and separate your lashes, it also helps with the appearance of thicker lashes.  The inner side of the curve helps grab and lift your lashes for length. So, you should use the outward side first and then go in with the inner side and use it on specific sections of your lashes.

For mascara brushes with a straight head, use the brush like normal to apply mascara, and then tilt it 90 degrees to apply to lengthen specific lashes. I also like to apply mascara to my inner eye and bottom lashes at an angle as well.

5. Don’t let your wet mascara weigh your lashes down

Lash Brush


After applying the mascara use either your lash/ eyebrow brush, or sides of your fingers to continue lifting and brushing your lashes out until they dry. If the mascara is wet and is left on your lashes it will weigh down you lashes and your curl will disappear!

So, no more to straight, short lashes all my girly, girls!

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  1. Natalie143 says:

    Another tip is also to curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara and then after again. I do this all the time and it gives extra curl and my lashes are AMAZING. You might have to clean your curler every once in a while but it’s worth it! <3

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