How to Clean Hard to Clean Heels

So, as y’all know I’m about to get married! And so this last weekend my Fiance and I went and had our bridals/first look taken. We took them at a ranch in the mountains with horses and in the fields, so as you can guess we got dirty! I knew that I could take my dress in to be cleaned, but I was SO worried when I saw my dirt and grass stained suede heels! However, I was able to find a way to clean them up to look brand new! I thought it was so impressive that I thought I should share how I did it!

This works for Suede/Synthetic heels.
Clean Heels 1
All you need is:

  • Your dirty suede or synthetic balance heels
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Paper Towels

Clean Heels 2

Yep that’s it! Amazing but true! The rubbing alcohol works and doesn’t stain the material because it evaporates so quickly giving you the ability to wipe your heels clean with out the wetness marking your heels up!

Clean Heels 3

Look how all the dirt that was on my heels completely transferred to the paper towel! Dirty, but awesome!

Clean Heels 4

Just a comparison of the before and after.
Clean Heels 6Clean Heels 5

The final product: Clean Heels! Ready for the wedding day!
Clean Heels 8


  1. Laurie says:

    Am so glad I found your post about saving mascara and the cleaning heels tip as those have been problems I have not heretofore been able to solve! I shall look forward to getting more of your handy tips. Thank you for all this great information!

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