How to be ready for Christmas morning pictures

Christmas morning is full of fun and good times. However, all morning is a continuous stream of pictures and videos. If you’re like me when you wake up early Christmas morning you don’t particularly feel “picture ready” nor do you feel like getting “picture ready”. But pictures will be taken and shared with family and friends. So here are some Christmas morning tips.

Most important tip: Recognize you don’t need to look completely done up. You can simplify your routine and still look cute. Christmas pictures are more about the memories and experiences don’t worry about looking flawless.

Here are some tips and tricks I compiled for helping you look great Christmas morning.

Hair tips:

1. Do you have your favorite way to do heatless curls? Good! Nothing is easier than waking up and having your hair one step away from a cute style.

2. Add some braids. Braids are so versatile and there are tons of different types. My favorite types are: are the classic braid and dutch braid. I can do both quickly and for the most part without a mirror, perfect in the Christmas morning rush to get to presents! Pull all your hair into a braid. Or do two braids on either side of your hair and pull back into a half up half down hair style.

3. Sock buns are a girls best friend! Not only is the sock bun an answer to bad hair days it also is so simple and quick.

Here are some quick and easy Christmas morning hair ideas:


1. Keep it simple! You don’t want to look like you put effort into your makeup. Who has that time Christmas morning anyhow?

2. I usually just grab my concealer and cover any spots or circles under my eyes left from staying up late Christmas Eve. If you must use more coverage try a tinted moisturizer to keep you looking natural.

3. Mascara: A few quick swipes of mascara and you’re ready to go! But seriously, if I only had time for one makeup item it would be mascara. It opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake.
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