5 Tips and Products To Avoid Ingrown Hair

We all have experienced that awful moment when you look down at your legs and see those unsightly red bumps everywhere! It’s so unflattering and makes you want to skip out on wearing your cute shorts or skirt. Even worse are the painful and itchy bumps you can get in other more sensitive areas! These are some tips that have worked for me, and will help all girly, girls feel more confident when they walk out the door!

1. Exfoliate your legs weekly so there isn’t a build up of dead surface skin cells. The dead skin cells blocks the hair from growing straight out of your skin.

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2. Don’t shave until the the end of your shower. It gives your hair follicles time to soften up.

3. Secret weapon: An Electric razor! These things rock, not only do they prevent ingrown hairs, they are very versatile. You can shave anywhere! Because you can shave easily outside of the shower they’re also really convenient, and fast. If you miss a spot, you can easily catch it and take care of it before you go out the door!

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4. When you shave always go against the way the hair grows. This may seem like a no brainer, however in some areas like your underarms the hair actually grows in two different directions.

5. Put body powder on after you shave, it helps prevent friction in sensitive areas. With out friction, there can’t be ingrown hairs!

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