4 Basic Earrings Every Girly, Girl Need

Girly, girls love earrings and accessories. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry it’s hard to take the time to pick out accessories for every one of my outfits, and I just need something that is basic and cute to put on. These 4 basic earrings are my go-to earrings they really do go with everything!




Nothing says “lady” like pearls. And because they are white they don’t clash with any colors and can go with any outfit!


Gold Hoops


Gold hoops are just so nice! Something about adding a little length to your earrings dresses up your outfit. However, don’t get too large of hoops because then it becomes less of a basic earring and don’t look very classy! Remember that time Gretchen wasn’t allowed to wear the really nice hoops her parents got her for Christmas? That really was SO mean of Regina. (If you don’t get the reference, please set aside an hour and a half and watch Mean Girls)

Gretchen Crying



Rhinestone Bows


Bows and girls go hand and hand! You can go with more basic bow earrings, but I like a little sparkle to my earrings! I love to wear my bow earrings and also add a bow somewhere in my outfit! Or even just a bow in your hair! Southern girls LOVE their bows that’s for sure!


Diamond Studs


Diamond studs, so flawless, timeless and SO girly! Diamonds really are a girls best friend.

And when you have all of the basic earrings you can mix them up to get some really classy, chic earrings!

Bow, Pearl, Crystal Earring


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